ICPC Regional Collegiate
Programming Contest

Greater New York Region
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Manhattan College (The Bronx)
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Greater New York Regional Champions for 2018 - "Columbia - Kington"

Problem Set for Greater New York 2018 Regional

Creative Commons License The problems, solutions and data are released into the public domain under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The problems are given as PDF documents. You can download everything zipped together.

The standings are also available.

Problem Judges' Solution Judges' Input File Judges' Output Extra
A - Potato Sacks a-potato.cpp a.in a.out
B - Moving Building b-bldmov.c
b.in b.out Graphical Visual Aid Program
C - Hedwig's Ladder c-hedwig.c c.in c.out
D - Tanks and Pipes d-pies.c d.in d.out
E - What Time is it Anyway? e-whattimeisit.cpp e.in e.out
F - Left-Right-Win f-lrwin.c f.in f.out
G - The Erdos-Straus Conjecture g-erdos_straus.c g.in g.out
H - Subprime Fibonacci Sequence h-subprime.c h.in h.out
I - Airspace Regulations i-airregs.c i.in i.out
J - Pinemi Puzzles j-pinemi.c j.in j.out

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