ACM Regional Collegiate
Programming Contest

Sponsored by

Greater New York Region

Sunday, November 14, 2004
Iona College, New Rochelle, NY and
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ


Of the 316 runs submitted in total:
2 were submitted in "Ada"
44 were written in "C"
125 were written in "Java"
153 were written in "C++"

Of the 129 correct submissions:
0 were submitted in "Ada" (0%)
13 were submitted in "C" (30% of "C" submissions)
50 were submitted in "Java" (40% of "Java" submissions)
66 were submitted in "C++" (43% of "C++" submissions)

You will notice that each team belongs to a set, S1, S2, or S3. S1 are teams composed of only freshmen and sophomores; S2 are teams composed of only undergraduates, minus S1; S3 are teams with graduate students.

We were granted two slots at Finals this year, so both NYU and Rutgers will be sending a teams to Shanghai!

Special congratulations for Yale 2, the top team composed of Freshmen and Sophomores. Great work, and we hope to see you again in the future.

Rank Name Solved Time A B C D E F G H I Total att/solv
1NYU 3 (I) (S3)610871/521/1144/1041/2762/2611/2000/--0/--0/--10/6
2Rutgers 2 (S) (S2)55881/101/684/1851/391/2260/--0/--0/--0/--8/5
3Columbia 1 (S) (S2)56442/661/634/--1/741/2601/1610/--0/--0/--10/5
4Stevens 1 (S) (S2)57971/241/633/1361/2240/--0/--4/2500/--0/--10/5
5Brooklyn 1 (I) (S2)58432/241/565/2931/1401/2300/--0/--0/--0/--10/5
6SUNY SB 1 (S) (S3)511397/2821/781/2640/--1/2871/1080/--0/--0/--11/5
7Cornell 1 (I) (S2)42361/221/461/655/--1/1030/--0/--0/--0/--9/4
8Rutgers 1 (S) (S2)44081/91/382/861/2550/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/4
9SUNY SB 2 (S) (S2)46961/203/--1/2372/1700/--1/2490/--0/--0/--8/4
10Yeshiva 1 (S) (S2)48274/1611/427/2793/1250/--0/--4/--0/--0/--19/4
11Dowling 1 (I) (S2)33381/402/2151/--1/630/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/3
12NYU 1 (I) (S2)33841/511/1134/--2/2000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--8/3
13Yale 2 (I) (S1)33941/301/901/--1/--1/2740/--0/--0/--0/--5/3
14SUNY SB 4 (S) (S1)33991/331/1100/--1/2560/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/3
15Ramapo 1 (I) (S2)34071/291/1111/--1/2670/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/3
16Rutgers 3 (S) (S2)34312/971/1053/--2/--1/2090/--0/--0/--0/--9/3
17Yale 1 (I) (S1)34762/1061/781/--1/2720/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/3
18NYIT 1 (S) (S2)34953/881/1151/2520/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/3
19Yeshiva 2 (S) (S2)35002/1221/562/--2/2820/--0/--0/--0/--0/--7/3
20Cornell 2 (I) (S1)35342/1661/853/--2/2430/--0/--0/--0/--0/--8/3
21TCNJ 1 (S) (S2)35601/200/--5/--3/2541/2460/--0/--0/--0/--10/3
22Columbia 2 (S) (S2)36221/531/2335/2560/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--8/3
23Stevens 2 (S) (S2)21311/121/1191/--2/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/2
24SUNY SB 3 (S) (S2)21341/181/1160/--2/--0/--1/--0/--0/--0/--5/2
25Dowling 3 (I) (S1)21811/421/1390/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/2
26St. Joe's 2 (I) (S1)22141/1221/921/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/2
27Yale 4 (I) (S2)22181/871/1315/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--7/2
28NYU 2 (I) (S1)22203/731/1072/--1/--0/--1/--1/--0/--0/--9/2
29Yale 3 (I) (S2)22212/831/1183/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--7/2
30Iona 1 (I) (S2)22292/781/1311/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/2
31Queens 1 (I)22711/851/1864/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--6/2
32Poly 1 (S) (S2)22821/801/2020/--2/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/2
33Manhattan 1 (I) (S2)22971/340/--0/--1/2630/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/2
34NYU 5 (I) (S3)23052/531/2320/--4/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--7/2
35Brooklyn 2 (I) (S2)23671/1881/1793/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/2
36Cooper 3 (I)23721/781/2940/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/2
37Hofstra 1 (I)1281/282/--1/--0/--0/--0/--2/--0/--0/--6/1
38Poly 2 (S) (S2)1401/401/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/1
39Fairfield 1 (I) (S2)1411/410/--0/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
40Cooper 1 (I)1691/691/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
40Yeshiva 3 (S) (S2)1691/691/--11/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--14/1
42SUNY OW 1 (S) (S2)1711/710/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--1/1
43TCNJ 2 (S) (S1)1891/891/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
44NCC 1 (S)1932/730/--2/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/1
45Dowling 2 (I) (S2)11142/940/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
46Ursinus 1 (S) (S2)11261/1261/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
47Westchester 1 (I) (S1)11281/1280/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--1/1
48St. Joe's 1 (I) (S1)11292/1090/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
49Fordham 1 (I) (S2)11301/1301/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/1
50Fordham 3 (I) (S1)11321/1320/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
51NYU 4 (I) (S2)11391/1390/--2/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/1
52Brooklyn 3 (I) (S3)11692/1490/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
53TCNJ 3 (S) (S1)11711/1711/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/1
54Fordham 2 (I) (S2)12013/1610/--2/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--5/1
55Kean 2 (S) (S2)12713/2310/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--3/1
56Adelphi 1 (I)000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/0
56Cooper 2 (I)000/--0/--2/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/0
56Iona 2 (I) (S2)003/--1/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/0
56Kean 1 (S) (S3)004/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--4/0
56NCC 2 (S)000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/0
56NCC 3 (S)000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/0
56NYIT 2 (S) (S3)000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/0
56Pace 1 (I)000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/0
56SUNY OW 2 (S) (S2)000/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/0
56SUNY OW 3 (S) (S2)001/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--1/0
56USMA 1 (I) (S2)002/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--0/--2/0

In columns A through I, the entries look like number / time. The number is the number of submissions; the time is the total time penalty for that problem. If the time is --, it means that the team did not solve the problem.

In the Total att/solve column, the entries look like correct / total. The correct is the number of correct submissions, and total is the total number of submissions.

In the last row, the entries look like attempt / correct / time. The attempt is the number of submissions for that problem; correct is the number of correct submissions; time is the penalty for the first correct submission.

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