Welcome to the ICPC East Division Contest


Please fill out the East Division Survey.


Some quick references:

Kattis link for the practice and real contests

If you are unable to use the Kattis Clarification System you may use the following email to get in touch with staff as a last resort: NADChelp@icpc.global

The problem set will be posted shortly after the start of the contest at http://seusa.vanb.org/ near the top of the page. (This is the website for the Southeast Regional but will be a convenient place for the chief judge to post the problem set).

ICPC NA Divisional website

Code of Conduct

Practice Webinar Saturday April 17 (5:00PM ET - 9:30PM ET)

Practice Webinar Sunday April 18 (5:00PM ET - 9:30PM ET)

Webinar for the answer to questions Saturday April 17 & Sunday April 18 (9:30PM ET)

Contest Webinar Thursday April 22 (6:00PM ET)



Practice Contest Check-in


We ask that the teams follow the timing below so that our staff does not get overwhelmed.

You may choose either Saturday or Sunday but please try to join the webinar as close to the timing listed below:




Carnegie Mellon University 

Case Western Reserve University 

CICS UMass Amherst 

Columbia University 


Cornell University 

Harvard University 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


McGill University 

Mount Allison University 

New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Northeastern University 


Ohio State University 

Princeton University 

Purdue University 


Rutgers University 

Stevens Institute of Technology 

SUNY Stony Brook 

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art 


University of Cincinnati 

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 

University of Prince Edward Island 

University of Rochester 


University of Toronto 

University of Toronto Scarborough 

University of Waterloo 

Yale University 



Please follow all the steps exactly so that check-in can go as quickly as possible.

Step 1 

When joining the practice webinar, use the following format for your name:


Eg: NYU-TopCoders-John Doe


If you are a coach attending the webinar please use the following format:



Step 2

If you have not already done so, complete the Survey.


Step 3

In the Webinar use the “Raise Hand” Zoom feature.

This will alert a staff member to direct message you and double check your survey and officially mark you as present.


Step 4

Please remain in the webinar but feel free to do other things until the Opening Ceremony starts at 7:00PM ET.


Step 5

The practice contest will start at 8:00PM ET.


Step 6

The practice contest will end at 9:30PM ET.

Please join a separate webinar for an answer to questions session.

Answer to questions Webinar